If you have questions about our project, please don't hesitate to mail us. You can also order printed books (Volume I and Volume II) directly at our bookshop in Switzerland.




Here you can download our first book (Volume I) with 130 Bhajans, first published in 1997, revised in 2008


Bhajans Vol I - 1.2 MB




Here you can download our second book (Volume II) with another 108 Bhajans, first published in 2008, revised in 2013


Bhajans Vol II - 3 MB



If you want everything in one book, here is Volume I (2008) and Volume II(2013) in one book


Bhajans Vol I & Vol II - 4 MB




Here is a minimal version of Volume II without pentagrams, just the original texts and a german translation and glossary


Bhajans Vol II Text deutsch - 1.9 MB




Here you can download all the music of Volume I and Volume II as a zip-file

This file contains all the 238 bhajans as very low quality mp3 files

Bhajans Audio 1-238 - 87 MB