Bhajans for Sathya Sai Baba

Govinda, liberator of souls, destroyer of illusions, Lord of the cows, with beautiful hair.
You are the son and joy of Your foster father Nanda; You grant us liberation, You are the companion of the girl cowherd Radha.
To protect us You lift up the mountain Govardhana.
We are enchanted by Your dark blue face.

Govinda, Befreier der Seelen, Vernichter der Illusionen, Du schönhaariger Herr der Kühe.
Sohn und Freude Deines Pflegevaters Nanda, Du schenkst uns Befreiung, Gefährte des Hirtenmädchens Radha.
Zu unserem Schutz hältst Du den Berg Govardhana in die Höhe.
Wir erfreuen uns an Deinem tiefblauen Antlitz.

  • audio source: Sai Bhajans, Germany, cassettes with the songbook by Heinrich Malina
  • drone (root, keynote) of audio: A
  • drone of music notation on website is always: C
  • recommended drone for group singing: Ab A Bb B C C#