Bhajans for Sathya Sai Baba

Beloved Rama, embodiment of all virtues,
Beautiful Rama of the dynasty of King Raghu,
You are the life of Sita, daughter of Janaka.
You are the son of Kausalya and Dasharatha, the master of the ten senses.
You are the crown jewel of Your home town Ayodhya.
Praise be to You, Sai Ram.

Geliebter Rama, Verkörperung aller Tugenden,
Schöner Rama aus dem Geschlecht des Königs Raghu,
Du bist das Leben von Sita, der Tochter Janakas.
Du bist der Sohn von Kausalya und Dasharatha, dem Meister der zehn Sinne.
Du bist das Kronjuwel deiner Heimatstadt Ayodhya.
Gelobt seist Du, Sai Ram.

  • audio source: Sai Bhajans, Germany, cassettes with the songbook by Heinrich Malina
  • drone (root, keynote) of audio: F#
  • drone of music notation on website is always: C
  • recommended drone for group singing: D Eb E F F# G