Bhajans for Sathya Sai Baba

O mother and mistress of the universe, have compassion for us.
Shiva and Parvati, grant us Your peace. Pour out Your grace over us.
Divine mother Sai, rush to our rescue.
Mother Sai from Puttaparthi, perform good actions for us.

Mutter und Herrin des Universums, hab Mitgefühl mit uns.
Shiva und Parvati, schenkt uns Euren Frieden. Schüttet Eure Gnade über uns aus.
Göttliche Mutter Sai, eile zu unserer Rettung.
Mutter Sai aus Puttaparthi, vollbringe gute Taten für uns.

  • audio source: Prashanti Mandir Bhajans, SSS Books & Publications Trust, CDs
  • drone (root, keynote) of audio: Ab
  • drone of music notation on website is always: C
  • recommended drone for group singing: C# D Eb E F F#