Bhajans for Sathya Sai Baba

You are Allah and Ishvara, You are Mahavira, Guru Nanaka and Rama.
You are prosperous, Sai, God from Puttaparthi, You are my life force, too.
You are Zoroaster, Jesus, Buddha, You are the all protecting God.
Being, consciousness and bliss, Sai, those are Your names shining in Brindavan.

Du bist Allah und auch Ishvara, Du bist Mahavira, Guru Nanaka und Rama.
Du bist der Wohlstand bringende Sai, Gott aus Puttaparthi, also bist Du meine Lebenskraft.
Du bist Zarathustra, Jesus, Buddha, Du bist für alle der beschützende Gott.
Sein, Bewusstsein und Glückseligkeit, Sai, das ist Dein Name, der in Brindavan leuchtet.

  • audio source: Prashanti Mandir Bhajans, SSS Books & Publications Trust, CDs
  • drone (root, keynote) of audio: Eb
  • drone of music notation on website is always: C
  • recommended drone for group singing: B C