Bhajans for Sathya Sai Baba

Shepherd Krishna, Nanda's son, is our Lord.
His dark complexion enchants our mind.
The shepherd girls knew Him as a playful shepherd boy,
A Youth with a herd of cattle.
Delighting His foster father Nanda He used to watch the flocks.

Der Hirte Krishna, Nandas Sohn, ist unser Herr.
Sein dunkler Teint verzaubert unsere Gedanken.
Den Hirtinnen begegnete Er als verspielter Hirtenjunge,
Als Knabe mit der Rinderherde.
Zur Freude Seines Ziehvaters Nanda wachte Er ├╝ber das Vieh.

  • audio source: Sai Bhajans, Germany, cassettes with the songbook by Heinrich Malina
  • drone (root, keynote) of audio: E
  • drone of music notation on website is always: C
  • recommended drone for group singing: C# D Eb E F F#